It seems like a lot of things have been breaking around my house lately. Several drinking glasses went SMASH so I bought a set of cheap and seemingly sturdy Anchor Hocking glasses from Target and now I’m down like three of those. I used to have eight green plates. I now have six. I bought a set of six adorable floral plates from Pottery Barn a couple of years ago and one of those has shattered. The other night I knocked my husband’s hot sauce off the shelf and it was blasted to smithereens. (Believe me, cleaning up empty drinking glasses is much easier than cleaning up a broken bottle of hot sauce.)

So tonight, after coming home to a kitchen and living room filled with garbage that my dog was very happy to munch on, and discovering that she’d somehow snuck into the basement and decided it was good as the backyard for certain bodily functions, I finally turned my cleaning attention to the dishes. And halfway through dropped one of the dog’s bowls into the sink and it, too, broke into many, many pieces.

It’s probably sad that it’s what comes to mind as a “happy” moment for today, but I figure I have to look at the bright side of the ongoing Demolition Derby. Juliette won’t know the difference as she certainly doesn’t covet anything besides food. And a tiny, spiteful part of me said, “Ha, dog! Take that!” I’m small that way.

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