My friend Nancy invited herself and her son Sam over tonight. We didn’t have any plans, so, yeah…it worked. Better yet, she volunteered to augment my mac ‘n cheese dinner with a rotisserie chicken, a salad and a bottle of wine. Who wouldn’t want a friend like that to come over???

Even nicer, she invited Fiona to join us and we sat around and chatted for hours while Sam and Devin ran amok around the house. Amok including turning off all of the lights and blasting us with Nerf pellets.

I love catching up with my friends. It doesn’t happy nearly as much as I’d like. Life is all about working and parenting and cleaning and all of those responsibilities that come with adulthood. But knocking back a glass of wine (or two) and a Dove ice cream bar (or two…really!) and catching up on each other’s lives is a good thing.